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Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Wind Power

In cooperation with its joint venture partner, QRTDW, and its supplier, Independent Power Systems, IPS, IHFD is introducing wind energy in rural and urban parts of Afghanistan. IHFD’s involvement covers wind power for electrification and water pumping.


Solar Power

IHFD implements solar energy projects for power generation (electrification), water pumping for drinking and irrigation purposes, solar water heating and solar cooking in lieu of fire wood.  IHFD's focus is in contributing towards environmental conservation, while enhancing the quality of life of its customers. 


Hydro Power

Through its partnership with QRTDW, IHFD is building self sustaining, community owned micro-hydro power generation units in various parts of Afghanistan, mostly by converting existing water mills into hydro power units. This enables the sustainable use of existing water resources, while facilitating opportunities for economic growth.


Other Technologies

Biogas, Geothermal Energy, environmentally sound solid waste management systems, environmentally sound sewage systems with water purification and recycling systems and other similar environmental technologies that enhance the quality of life of the beneficiaries, facilitate economical growth and are sustainable are some of the technologies that IHFD is launching in the target regions.

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