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Wednesday, February 28, 2024


IHFD's Housing Philosophy: 

In many parts of the world, the housing stock is inadequate to meet the needs of rapidly growing populations and increasing urbanization. In addition, home ownership is a primary means of achieving financial security and social stability. The lack of mortgage financing in much of the world presents an insuperable obstacle to increasing the supply of housing and widening opportunities for home ownership. The mission of IHFD is to ensure that more affordable housing for low and moderate income households becomes a reality in various parts of the globe, adequate and affordable mortgage home financing means and assistance is provided to those that require it, and improved economic opportunities for these citizens are brought about, while focus on environmentally sound technologies and practices is maintained.

IHFD's Mortgage Philosophy

IHFD is highly sensitive to the local requirements and preferences of home buyers. Where religious preferences restricts borrowing of money against interest, IHFD shall offer alternative mortgage programs. IHFD’s homes shall be provided with 15 & 20 year mortgage programs. This will ensure that the houses are affordable to low to middle income households. Thus IHFD intends to contribute towards wealth creation among the financially disadvantaged in the developing countries.


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